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"Probably the greatest gift has been to be total in everything  I do, in the way of meeting people,  in the search for all that inspires me. I would have difficulty to find something different from Meditation that can give me such a clear understanding. Living with Osho has made every aspect of my life interesting,  made me complete and qualified in some of them.  

To feel competent brings a lot of creativity  and satisfies my need to love; this way my creativeness is flowering today in the study of the human body, in the understanding of the mind, in the integration of Meditation. What concerns the body, my whole work is expressed through the Scuola  O.D.H.A. and it manifests itself in the understanding that:  “THE HEALER IS THE HEALED”.  

The continuous research,  studies and trips around the world leading work-shops of self-awakening, has been a true "gym of life" and has contributed to my experience and completion.

Meditation is the greatest gift that I gave to myself and when someone wants to learn from me, this is the secret that I want to share from my heart, anything I teach, whoever I meet.  

This way, every teaching can be very useful and every technique can be the right one, because “Love is always the key." 


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J.M.P. de Matos, Prashantam is born in Portugal in 1949. He studies medicine in Paris, continuing his studies in several countries and meeting with extraordinary men in different parts of Asia and the Orient. In 1974 he attends the master classes in Tokyo School of Japanese Shiatsu, T. Namikoshi and practices the meditations of Zen Buddhism,  living as monk under the supervision of the master Koku Nishimura, Grand Master of the current Tani - Ha Bodhidharma lineage. In 1976 he meets the enlightened master Osho and decides to live, meditate and work in his ashram in Pune, India. 

In 1982 he graduates at the Heartwood School of Massage in California and in 1986 he returned to India and Osho chose him for the head of the Institute of Shiatsu  Academy of Healing Arts in Pune. For over thirty-five years he has led groups on meditation and spiritual growth, bringing his understanding and experience in Russia, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, South America and many European countries including Italy. He lived with aborigines in Australia, the Philippines, with shamans in Brazil, the Andes and Tibetan doctors in Sikkim. 

In 2000 he became a member of the British Complementary Medicine Association – BCMA. His work in Italy has developed significantly and in 2001 he created the Scuola Osho Divine Healing Arts “O.D.H.A”.

Prashantam leads groups in many parts of the world but Il Nostro P.O.S.T.O. is the seat of Scuola O.D.H.A which is the realisation of his dream. Here Scuola O.D.H.A. found it’s perfect home. In collaboration with Hotel La Selva, it has become a holistic centre taking care of the human beings body-mind-spirit.

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